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About Bright Life Playschool


We believe that children learn through play.

Over the years, we have formulated an educational philosophy through observations of children in our care and by constantly studying the science of brain development. One of the most important things that we have learned is how necessary play is to the preschool learner. Children learn best through play. Rote memorization, extended circle time, flashcards and workbooks are not optimal modes of learning for this age group and are not part of our program. Our roles as teachers (and caregivers) are as guides who provide a rich, multi-sensory environment for each child to explore. The curriculum itself is then “emergent": as the curriculum emerges, it is our job to be steps ahead of the child in providing the materials necessary for more exploration in any given subject of interest. This approach is inspired by the Reggio-Emilia education philosophy. We have also incorporated aspects of Montessori and Waldorf philosophies because both contain many enriching components, such as Practical Life stations, organization (even at the youngest age) and handwork (such as yarn work, tool usage, tactile recognition, and exploration, etc.).



  • Cultural and Physical Geography - We explore cultures around the world through the five senses. If you are interested in learning more about cultural geography, here is a link to a page that contains a great video on the subject:

  • Language Studies - Weekly introduction to Spanish in the form of basic Spanish vocabulary and ongoing introduction to American Sign Language.

  • Introduction to Environmental Education - We introduce children to their role as stewards of the earth with exploration and care of our own organic garden (from seed knowledge and planting to harvesting and eating the vegetables, herbs, fruits, and edible seeds that we grow), composting, nature walks, native plant identification, learning about local wildlife, etc.

  • Physical and Emotional Well-Being - We teach yoga daily and practice ongoing wellness such as calming our emotions through deep breathing and meditation practice to personal hygiene and an introduction to different systems of the body and brain function.

  • Organic, Green, and Chemical-Free - We only use natural cleaners in our classrooms and use organic/green/recycled/low-impact materials in our play, rest, and learning.

  • Low Teacher-to-Student Ratio - We maintain a low ratio (1:6, 1:8 compared to state requirements and typical schools of 1:12) to ensure that the children in our care get the amount of attention they deserve. This low ratio also gives our teachers a more balanced and manageable workload to avoid burnout and stress, and provides a better overall connected environment for listening, communicating, learning and feeling empowered.

  • We Employ and Support the Best and Brightest Teachers - We hire truly amazing teachers with a sincere passion for early childhood education and the temperament to not just 'survive' a hectic week with a room of 2-to 5-year-olds but to thrive in one. We employ teachers with the knowledge and professional commitment to provide enhanced learning experiences for the children using multiple instructional approaches based on the latest research in child development. Our goal is to give each child and teacher the support, care, and compassion needed for success and maintain respectfulness and dignity throughout the week. We also require thorough background checks, impeccable references, and prior work history demonstrating excellence. Scroll down below to learn more about our staff.

  • A Mentality That One Size Never Fits All - Many schools offer specific disciplinary methods as a 'one-approach fits all students' style when learning opportunities arise. While we employ Postive Discipline strategies, we understand that each child regulates his/her emotions in a different way: some will be through physical outlets like play, some through humor, some through art, some with quiet time alone, some with a mix of different strategies, but we strive to let all children process their feelings through connection, with respectfulness to others and a sense of feeling heard.


My name is Kim Love. I have been teaching and learning from children for over 25 years. My experience ranges from teaching children in a home daycare setting to working for the cities of San Francisco and San Luis Obispo as a Recreation Director for 9 years, collectively. I have 34 units in Early Childhood education as well as a BA in English. I am also a Certified Children's Yoga instructor.

As long as I can remember, it has been my dream to open a school where the whole child can be nurtured - a school that views the child as a competent, aware, imaginative, capable individual who possesses a desire to interact and communicate with others as well to belong to a loving community.

I opened this school in my home in 2011 with just 6 children. We have now grown into two  licensed child care centers with a capacity for 60 children at each site - a dream come true! I am excited to get to know your child and begin our journey together.
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