Classes are typically divided into different age groups that break into smaller groups for some of our daily learning so we can ensure each child is learning at their developmental level regardless of age.


Skill-building exercises for kids in the age range starting at 2 to about 3½ years old: 

Learning that takes advantage of the two- and early three-year-old's natural drive to act independently is a focus for this age range. In a safe, rich and well-prepared environment, children in this age group have the freedom to explore their surroundings guided by dedicated, nurturing and trained teachers. Activities and sensory play choices are changed regularly in response to the children’s needs for variety and challenge as they grow and learn. The curriculum is designed to:

- foster imagination, cognitive development, speech/language development

- strengthen fine motor and gross motor skills, and

- promote independence and self-reliance. 


Skill-building exercises for kids in the age range of about 3 to 5½ years old: 

Enhancing the child's self-awareness as he/she relates to others is important at this stage. For many children, this period can be an intense time of transition that includes the transition from more solitary play to cooperative play and the engagement in more complex social interactions. Their language capacity explodes and leads to beginning skills in writing and reading, the emergence of number sense and mathematical relationships, and great changes in physical development. Our preschool teachers guide students through the curriculum as the children are ready in order to support each child in their emerging capabilities and growth while continuing to provide room for child-directed projects and explorations.


Pre-Kinder exercises for kids in the age range of about 4½ up to age 6*: 

In Pre-K, children experience a developmental learning environment that incorporates language arts, science, number concepts and art in age-appropriate activities. In a creative, loving and relaxed setting, experienced teachers promote the emotional and social skills that prepare children for their elementary school experience. Unlike traditional transitional kindergartens that have now been incorporated into elementary schools, we believe that a sustained, low teacher-to-student ratio, ample time spent learning in nature, and exploring art mediums is still of great importance to children in this age group and, therefore, incorporated into each day.  


*Please note that licensing requirements currently do not allow children over the age of 6 to be enrolled. Not even by a day.


Schedules / Fees

We have schedules to accommodate full-time (MWF) and part-time (MWF, T/TH) schooling based on the following schedules, with our first drop off at 7:45 am and our last pickup at 5:15 pm. Lunch is served at 12:00 pm. Please send a healthy lunch and hearty snacks (two snacks for full-day students) to school with your child (lunches and snacks should not include candy, sugary snacks, junk food, juice or sodas). We are currently a peanut-free school, so all snacks must not have any peanuts or related products whatsoever.


FULL DAYS - Full-day schedules are considered to be any child dropped between 7:45 and 8:15 am and picked up between 4:00 and 5:15pm. Schedules and fees are based on the number of days per week and the age of the child. Fees are in the chart below.


LATE FEES - Families who pick up their child(ren) later than their scheduled pick-up time (after 5:30 for the full-day program) will be assessed an additional fee of $15.00 per quarter hour or any portion thereof.

ENROLLMENT FEE - A yearly, non-refundable enrollment fee of $150.00 will be assessed at enrollment time and annually thereafter on the enrollment anniversary. A deposit equal to 1/2 month of enrollment will be due upon registration as well. The deposit will be applied to the child's last two weeks of enrollment in the school.

PAYMENT OF FEES - Payment is accepted by check and our internal software, which can be used with a bank account, debit card or credit card. Late payments of any kind will be assessed a late fee for each day that payment is past due. Our handbook delves into more details about late fees.

DISCOUNTS - A discount may apply for siblings enrolled in the school. Please see the director for more information.

Other conditions and enrollment guidelines may apply. This is not a comprehensive list of requirements to enroll. Please see the director for more information.

The rate schedule below is effective February 22, 2021